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What is the OLEV Grant?

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the OLEV grant. From how the grant works to what ‘OLEV’ even means, we’ve got all the information right here.

Although you’ll save costs in the long-term, the initial start-up of owning an electric vehicle can be pricey. However, the government are offering financial assistance to those wishing to switch to this eco-savvy lifestyle.

What is OLEV?

First things first, let’s discuss what ‘OLEV’ actually means. This acronym stands for the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. This is a government office dedicated to investing in and developing the UK’s reputation in being eco-friendly. Specifically, OLEV is interested in vehicles that emit little to no emissions. Essentially, this department cares a lot about ‘going green’ and focus on how we can better our contribution to this through choosing cleaner vehicles. Alongside this, you may hear the term ‘ULEV’ every now and again. ULEV stands for Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles and well, it’s OLEV’s ultimate goal for the UK to drive more ULEVs. So, obviously, if you’re looking into getting an electric car (which is classed as a ULEV), you’re able to apply for financial help.

The OLEV grant

As a result, the government department launched the OLEV grant. What is this, you ask? Well, it’s basically a lump sum of cash which can be put towards the installation of a chargepoint. Basically, the government are keen to invest in any schemes which will promote the ‘wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles’. You can apply for the grant if you are looking to install an EV chargepoint at either your own home or at a place of work.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, also known as EVHS, will contribute up to 75% of your charge point’s installation cost. However, this is only available for charge points at domestic properties in the UK. Click here to see if your vehicle is eligible. You’ll be pleased to know that we are government authorised installers, find our name on the list here.

Workplace Charging Scheme

On the other side of things, the Workplace Charging Scheme is dedicated to financing charge point installations at eligible businesses and places of work. The WCS is a ‘voucher-based scheme’ which will contribute towards some of the up-front costs of the installing process and purchasing of EV charge points.