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Nissan Leaf: Vehicle Guide

Here’s your ultimate guide to owning and driving a Nissan Leaf. We’ll discuss charging times, range, costs and everything else you need to know.

It was one of the first electric vehicles to launch clean driving into the mainstream. The Nissan Leaf is on the more affordable scale of ULEVs (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) and it’s pretty safe in terms of style, too. Here are all the important facts for those planning to invest in a Leaf, or proud owners who want the lowdown.

Charging times

There are two types of charge points you can get with Auto Charge Point: 3.6kW and 7kW. Both vary in price and obviously, power. Read up on them in more detail here. Which charge point you have will ultimately affect the charge time of your Leaf, as does the model and battery you own. The figures below detail a full charge:

Standard 3-pin plug (wall socket)
  • 12-15 hours
3.7kW charging point
  • 24kWh battery 7-8 hours
  • 30kWh battery 9-10 hours
7kW charging point
  • 24kWh battery 4-5 hours
  • 30kWh battery 5-6 hours
  • 40kWh battery 7.5 hours

Remember that the majority of people with home chargers tend to leave their cars charging overnight to guarantee a full charge by morning. This is definitely the method we recommend for your peace of mind.


From a full charge, it’s important to know how far you’ll be able to drive. However, bear in mind that range times depend on a number of factors including speed, weather conditions and congestion. The following figures are meant as a guideline only and you should always be cautious in colder weather, on motorways and in slow-moving traffic:

  • 24kwH battery approximately 84 miles
  • 30kWh battery approximately 107 miles
  • 40kWh battery up to 177 miles (dependant on conditions)

Charging and running costs

Of course, you must take into consideration the start-up costs of a home charge point which varies depending on the wattage. This can be from £229 if you are eligible for the OLEV grant. The Nissan Leaf costs between £2-3.00 in electricity for a full charge. Compare this to your average full tank of petrol and you’ll soon see the benefits… In terms of running costs, you’re looking at about 2p per mile for a Nissan Leaf.