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How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car?

As part of our EV guides series, here’s a dedicated place for you to find out all the timings of charging an EV. From the ‘trickle’ method to Rapid Chargers, there’s plenty to get your head around.

Charging your electric car is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There a number of ways to go about filling up your battery juice – and of course, each different method has its own timescale. Here’s our guide to the amount of time you can expect to be waiting around for your EV to charge (maybe don’t stand and watch though, grab a cuppa or have a wander around the shops!).

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

The simple answer is this: it depends. If you’ve read our ‘How to Charge Your Electric Car‘ guide, you’ll be one step ahead. So, make sure you go and brush up your knowledge on the different charging types first! Bear in mind, a standard electric car will take about 4 hours from empty to full with a 7kW home charge point. In terms of how long it takes to charge your individual EV, it will usually depend on how much range you want to get from each session. See our examples below.

3.7kW charger

If you charge your electric vehicle for an hour with a standard 3.7kW charge point (usually found in the home), you’ll get 15 miles of range. So obviously, if you’ve only got time for a 30-minute top-up, you’re looking at around seven to eight miles of range.

7kW charger

If you’ve got this twice as powerful charge point at home, you are looking at a bigger range for your EV. After an hour’s charge, you’ll get around 30 miles of range. A shorter charge time will result in a shorter range, but that’s pretty self-explanatory. These charge points are also often found in public places and at work.

22kW charger

An even more powerful charger, these are pretty much only found in public places like at supermarkets and service stations. They will give you a whopping 80 miles of range per hour so are perfect for longer journeys.

Rapid Charger

These are the most effective way to charge your car but granted, they’re not as easy to access. Rapid Chargers are usually found at motorway stations due to the need for a bigger range. Your EV could be 80% charged after just 30 minutes – although this figure may change slightly depending on make and model. However, bear in mind that Rapid Chargers can have a higher cost so are mostly used when there’s no other option.