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Jaguar I-Pace: Vehicle Guide

The next in our vehicle guide series: this guide is looking at the Jaguar I-Pace and everything you need to know about this electric car.

Initially a beautiful concept car from the Coventry-based manufacturers, the I-Pace is now available to the public and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s our guide to charging and driving the first electric vehicle from Jaguar.

Charging times

At Auto Charge Point, we offer two charge points which can be installed at your home or place of work. These differ based on their wattage: 3.6kW and 7kW. The 7kW is slightly more expensive but it does offer more power – read up on this in more detail here. Depending on which charge point you choose, you will get different charge times for your I-Pace.

Bear in mind, the Jaguar I-Pace has a lithium-ion battery with a 90kWh capacity. This is a pretty sizeable battery so it takes a lot longer to charge than say, an EV with a 50 or 60kWh battery.

Standard 3-pin plug (wall socket)
  • 43 hours
3.7kW charging point
  • 27 hours 15 minutes
7kW charging point
  • 13 hours 30 minutes


We often get asked how much range you can expect to get from your electric vehicle. Of course, you should know that this depends on each individual vehicle as they can vary quite dramatically. The Jaguar I-Pace, in particular, has an impressive range of ‘up to 298 miles‘. Bear in mind that there are several factors that can impact on your car’s base range. These include fast motorway driving, crawling along in traffic and colder weather.

3-point wall socket
  • 7 miles of range per hour
7kW charge point
  • 22 miles of range per hour
50kW public charge point
  • 168 miles of range per hour